Love Nature links with Samsung TV for FAST launch in Spain

Animal Empires

Blue Ant Media and Smithsonian Networks wildlife brand Love Nature has become available in Spain as a free ad-supported streaming channel (FAST), following a deal with Samsung TV Plus.

Love Nature becomes the first natural history brand on Samsung TV Plus in Spain and will offer 100 hours of programming localised in Castilian.

The deal, which was brokered by Julio Sobral, SVP for Lat Am & US channel distribution at Love Nature, follows a similar agreement struck between the two companies in the US.

Shows available on the Spanish FAST channel include Secrets Of Wild Australia, Untamed Valley and Animal Empires.

Carlyn Staudt, global general manager at Love Nature, said: “We’ve seen tremendous success for Love Nature on FAST and AVOD channels in the US market and we know that audiences in Spain will also love our curated programming line-up of stunning wildlife and nature content on Samsung TV Plus’ highly accessible, free-of-charge platform.”

Staudt told TBI earlier this year that FAST and AVOD platforms would “dictate how we as an industry distribute not just our second-window opportunities, but also our key tent-pole original productions” over the next five years.

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