Compact Media preps AI-powered rights tracking tool

Mark Rowland

UK-based rights management firm Compact Media has launched an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered tool designed to track how IP is being used worldwide.

The Media Rights International Transmissions (MRIT) system aims to provide rights holders with reports and analysis of how their IP is being used around the world.

Compact said it is tracking more than 420 channels worldwide to provide insights such as the number of broadcasts of a licensed show and the amount of time left on a show’s licensed run.

Data collected via the AI-powered service also allows users to see the number of shows running in the correct time slot, the number of transmissions left on each contract and if additional license fees are due.

Mark Rowland, MD of Compact Media, said the service is aimed at “democratising broadcast intelligence and maximising global film and television revenues and cashflows through data analytics and technology.”

Compact Media is part of Anthem Entertainment, which operates across music, film and TV production with offices in the US, Canada and the UK.

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