Peacock leaps on Eureka-spawned ‘Frogger’ competition format

NBCUniversal-owned streamer Peacock has handed a 13-episode series order to a new physical competition series based on the 1980s video game Frogger.

The show, based on the Konami-owned IP, is being produced by Eureka Productions in partnership with Konami Cross Media NY, Inc. Chris Culvenor, creator of the format, and Paul Franklin will executive produce for Eureka Productions.

Frogger will pit contestants against 12 outrageous obstacle courses in which they must “dodge treacherous traffic, leap over snapping gators and hop over hungry hippos” much like the digital frog in the original game.

Participants will require skill, strength and strategy in a physically demanding contest to reach the end of the course and win a cash prize.

Frogger was launched by Konami in 1981 and remains a video game icon to this day, with the franchise spawning more than 30 titles across various gaming platforms.

Founded by Culvenor and Franklin in 2016, Eureka Production has launched more than 30 series in the US Canada and Australia, including Holey Moley for ABC, Name That Tune for Fox and Dating Around for Netflix.

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