Beyond’s ‘Pooch Perfect’ format & Aussie original travels across Europe, Canada

Pooch Perfect

Competitive dog grooming format Pooch Perfect has been picked up in Germany and the Benelux, while the Australian version is set to air on TV2 in Denmark amongst others.

The format, which will debut in the UK on BBC One on Thursday, has been acquired by Tresor TV Productions in Germany and Fabiola for the Benelux territories, while the Aussie show – commissioned by Seven Network and hosted by Rebel Wilson – has been licensed to YLE in Finland, SIC in Portugal, Blue Ant Media in Canada and Quebecor in French-speaking Canada.

The show is sold by Beyond Rights and was created by Beyond’s UK production team. It requires professional dog stylists to compete in a series of challenges in a bid to reach the final and be named the nation’s top dog groomer.

Simona Argenti, head of sales at Beyond Rights, said: “At a time when Covid-19 lockdowns have seen dog ownership increase in numerous territories worldwide and broadcasters are looking to bring fun and joyful entertainment into viewers’ lives, Pooch Perfect is proving a perfect fit.

“We are delighted to have agreed early sales for the Australian version of the show and anticipate the UK series will also be of interest to many territories. But we expect the format to be the real winner. Local broadcasters can choose their own canine-obsessed celebrity hosts and focus on breeds popular in their own countries, however, its real strength lays in the fact that it is a fantastic family entertainment show, highlighting great skill, incredible reveals, dramatic competition and a powerful shot of the ‘ahh’ factor.”

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