Banijay takes Danish ‘Famous Last Words’ format worldwide

Banijay has acquired the distribution rights to Danish posthumous interview format Famous Last Words.

Originally created by Simson & Zartov ApS, the format sees celebrities record an interview that is only aired after they have died.

The show gives audiences the chance to hear directly from the recently deceased rather than through archive footage or news commentary, while the stars receive a platform from which to shape how they are remembered after they are gone.

Only the interviewee and interviewer are present for the recording, with remotely operated cameras ensuring that it is kept confidential until after their death.

Banijay will distribute the format worldwide outside of Denmark, where the original production was presented by Mikael Bertelson.

“The strength of this format is in its core: it is intimate, emotional and honest. Because of this, its international potential is huge,” said Carlotta Rossi Spencer, head of format acquisitions at Banijay.

“A unique and original offering, it certainly stands out in the market and is incredibly universal and adaptable; we are looking forward to travelling this unique title across our footprint and beyond.”

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