Greek remake of ‘Question Of Sport’ among raft of BBCS format deals

UK version of A Question of Sport

Greek broadcaster ERT is preparing to air a local version of quiz show A Question Of Sport, one of a number of format deals struck by BBC Studios (BBCS).

The 60-episode Greek show will be known locally as The Big Game and is from Foss Productions, with the series debuting today on ERT1.

The format, which is based on the UK original that debuted on the BBC in 1968, is also being remade for Slovakia’s RTVS Jednotka and will debut this month.

BBCS has also agreed new deals for fellow quiz show format Weakest Link, which returned to NBC in the US last month. MIR TV in Russia also has a 32-episode show in the works, with local company Studio 2V starting production next month. Greece’s FTA broadcaster Skas also has a second season of the quiz show in the works, with JK Productions onboard to produce an 80-episode bversion.

Meanwhile, BBCS ANZ has been commissioned to make a third season of Mastermind for SBS. The series launched in Australia in 2019 and in 2020 added spin-off Celebrity Mastermind. A further 85 episodes of Mastermind and five of Celebrity Mastermind will be produced, with filming due to begin early next year.

Andre Renaud, SVP of global format sales, said: “Gameshows resonate around the world, as viewers can play at home with their friends and family, and having brilliant brands like Weakest Link, A Question Of Sport and Mastermind prove that this genre can still find new homes and also reach new audiences.”

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