TBI’s Distributor Survey 2020 – The results

From Mumbai, Sydney and Dubai, to LA, Stockholm and London, TBI’s Distribution Survey this year is truly a global affair. Its findings come from the biggest companies in the business as well as some of the most bespoke, and represent the experiences of thousands of people working across the world

Few areas of the content business have adapted as quickly over recent years to the vast changes in the business as the distribution sector, with companies large and small adeptly planning and executing savvy strategies to ensure they remain relevant. The effect of the Covid-19 pandemic has again tested this sector’s resolve and it is clear from this year’s findings that the past six months have had a considerable toll on sales. Yet there are positives and an overwhelming optimism that the industry can rebound.

Scripted: Navigating the story
Unscripted: Burgeoning potential
Formats: Bible study
The kids are alright
Conclusion: Factoring in


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