Swiss telco Sunrise takes over ‘streaming pioneer’ Wilmaa

Swiss telco Sunrise has taken over streamer Wilmaa, describing the company as a “pioneer” in web TV that offers OTT television for smartphones, tablets, PCs and TV sets.

Sunrise said that Wilmaa’s technology platform would enable it to develop its OTT TV offers further. Customers will benefit from the most innovative TV experience on the market.

Sunrise has taken over 100% of Wilmaa’s shares and its 10 employees will move to Sunrise. The Wilmaa brand will continue in the market.

Sunrise launched a new multiscreen an OTT service a year ago.The service, named Sunrise TV neo, is available as an app for Apple TV, smartphones and tablets, and PC.

At launch Sunrise TV neo comprised more than 230 TV channels, with over 110 in HD quality, and became the first OTT TV app in Switzerland to support UHD/4K. This included the Insight TV UHD channel.

The Wilmaa team’s know-how and web TV customer experience will play a role in developing the Sunrise OTT offer.The Wilmaa brand and its ad-financed free and fee-based premium offers will remain in place, and existing Wilmaa users can continue to use the service as usual.

Wilmaa offers 260 TV channels that can be streamed live and recorded for free on virtually smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC, and smart TV. Advertisers can take advantage of in-stream placements, placing large special ad formats, and branded channels. Wilmaa’s Premium subscriptions give customers the option of ad-free television with a seven-day replay in Full HD quality.

“We are on a winning track with Sunrise TV neo, and will use Wilmaa’s strengths to advance our OTT offer further. The innovative force and technological expertise of the Wilmaa team have convinced us. Our customers will benefit from the most attractive OTT TV offer in Switzerland,” said André Krause, CEO of Sunrise.

“Over the past 10 years, Wilmaa has managed to successfully position itself in the web TV market with a small and agile team. Our shareholders are excited we have found a partner in Sunrise who will offer our employees a dynamic new home with a great future. What’s more, our TV streaming products will now reach an even larger audience,” said Roman Reimann, CEO of Wilmaa.

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