SPI & StarTimes launch Turkish drama & gaming networks in Africa

Channel provider SPI/FilmBox has partnered with Chinese-owned African pay TV platform StarTimes to launch Turkish drama channel Timeless Drama Channel (TDC) and SPI’s gaming channel Gametoon in Africa.

The agreement builds on an existing distribution deal covering Filmbox Africa and Fashionbox on StarTimes.

Gametoon and TDC are being broadcast in English and Turkish, respectively. TDC will also air with English subtitles.

TDC, which launched a year ago, is now available to over five million homes in 15 countries, featuring over 600 hours of dramas such as: Karadayi, Black Money Love, 20 Minutes, Kurt Seyit & Shura, Moms And Mothers, Red Scarf, Five Brothers, The End and The 8th Day.

Gametoon features game reviews, esports tournaments, and exclusive game walkthroughs and sessions from gaming streamers.

“Timeless Drama Channel (TDC) is one of our fastest growing channels due to a global affinity for Turkish drama. Providing audiences with a diverse collection of high-quality content is a shared mission with our partner StarTimes, and we can’t wait to introduce the world of TDC to African audiences,” said Georgina Twiss, MD Western Europe & Africa at SPI International.

Lily Meng, head of StarTimes Media Division, added that the channel launches tapped into the huge appeal of Turkish drama in Africa and the surging interest in gaming.

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