Fremantle Australia’s unscripted chief Caroline Spencer to step down

Caroline Spencer

Longstanding Fremantle Australia exec Caroline Spencer is to step down from her role overseeing unscripted programming.

Spencer has been with Fremantle for a decade but is to exit as director of unscripted at the end of September, having been behind shows including Project Runway, The Biggest Loser and MasterChef Australia.

She also had a stint as director of development and worked on series including the ABC’s Escape from the City and Celebrity Name Game, which she will continue to exec produce.

Spencer said: “I am so incredibly fortunate to have spent the past decade working with the best in the business at Fremantle, both locally and internationally, but sometimes in life you’ve got to know when to leave a party and for me that was now.”

Her next move is not yet known but she added that the “timing felt absolutely right for me to close my eyes and take a giant leap of faith into the great unknown.”