Exclusive: Netherlands’ NPO3 scoops up Tuvalu comedy formats

Newen Group-owned producer Tuvalu Media has scored commissions for science-focused comedy panel show The Human Experiment and comedy programme Too Funny To Be True!

Dutch broadcaster NPO3 has scooped up both formats, which are to air later this year.

The Human Experiment finds a wacky comedian attempting various forms of scientific research on himself. Examples of questions that he will look to answer include whether humans swim faster while taking Viagra, or whether a server tips better when making physical contact with patrons.

An added component to the format sees two celebrities playing a game that is informed by the results of the experiments.

Elsewhere, 12-episode comedy panel show Too Funny to Be True! sees teams predicting the outcome of funny clips and crazy street interviews.

Two team captains are joined by celebrities to battle it out in different rounds.

Meanwhile, NPO1 is prepping the launch of Tuvalu’s primetime social experiment Small Town, Big City, in which city-dwellers exchange lives with residents from the countryside.

Dutch ultra-HD broadcaster Insight TV previously handed a 5 x 44-minute order to the Tuvalu format Travel With A Goat, which will debut on the service on 14 January.

The show challenges two celebrity food enthusiasts to travel with livestock for a number of days. The animal is to be eaten at the end of the journey unless participants decide to save it.

Newen Group took a 60% stake in Tuvalu Media in February 2017. The indie, best known for punchy unscripted formats, recently adapted Crackit Productions’ acclaimed Channel 5 series Bad Habits, Holy Orders for NPO3.

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