BBC Studios sells Greats to Slovakia

BBC Studios has sold its Greats format to RTVS in Slovakia.

The broadcaster will premiere The Greatest Slovak in January 2019.

Greats is an interactive format that captures the imagination of a nation by nominating and then shortlisting their greatest national heroes.

The format has previously sold to over 25 territories around the world with countries from Italy to India and the US to Ukraine producing their own local versions.

With a launch show, ten-panel episodes and a grand finale, RTVS will begin by asking the population who they consider to be The Greatest Slovak. Once the nominations have been received, those with the most votes will be listed before each of the top ten is revealed by a celebrity champion.

The champions will argue their case for each Great Slovak as they attempt to convince the public that their nominee is the greatest with the winner announced in the final. In the UK version of the series, politician Winston Churchill was voted the Greatest Briton.

Sumi Connock, creative director for formats at BBC Studios, said: “The Greats format stands out in its ability to bring a nation together in celebration of their national treasures. With a winning mix of audience participation, celebrity endorsement and shared pride, Greats is event television at its finest.’ 

Jaroslav Rezník, general director at RTVS, added: “I am excited to see who from our country’s rich history will stand out for audiences as we go in search of Great Slovaks. This innovative format is the perfect match for RTVS as the nation’s broadcaster. We’re convinced all audiences across Slovakia will get involved in this national conversation.”