Intaglio Films develops environmental thriller for debut production

Intaglio Films, the new scripted drama venture between Beta Film and ZDF Enterprises, and ndF International Production are jointly developing an environmental thriller series.

The Swarm will be based on Frank Schaetzing’s novel of the same name.

It is a global environmental thriller set in the present day, where anomalies and unnatural behavior in marine animals are causing upheaval all over the world.

The series will be produced for German public broadcaster ZDF. Production on the 8×45’ minute series will begin in 2019.

Intaglio head and multi-Emmy winning creative director Frank Doegler (Game of Thrones, pictured) is set to executive produce together with ndF’s managing director Eric Welbers, in partnership with the rights holding company Swarm Production KG.

The rights company is run by Till Groenemeyer and owned by Athos, Schaetzing and his publishing house Kiepenheuer & Witsch. Schaetzing will also serve as executive producer.

Doelger said: “After having spent eight seasons in the mythical world of Game of Thrones, it is great to return to the present with The Swarm and its searing exploration of the impending doom brought about by man’s callous disregard of the oceans, a doomsday scenario as dire as anything imagined by George R.R. Martin.”

Beta Film and ZDF Enterprises, joined forces with Doelger this February. The executive producer of HBO’s Game of Thrones leads development for Intaglio and will oversees the production slate as bureau chief.

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