Netflix names cast, starts shooting Brazilian Bossa Nova original

Streaming service Netflix has announced the key cast of Brazilian original series, Coisa Mais Linda.

The show will star Maria Casadevall (Os Dias Eram AssimMulheres AlteradasI Love Paraisópolis) as Maria Luiza, a rich and dutiful woman who has always depended on her father and husband.

After being left alone in Rio, against her better judgment, Maria Luiza decides to stay in the city and dedicate herself to turning her husband’s property into a Bossa Nova club.

Set in the late 1950s, Coisa Mais Linda follows Maria Luiza’s journey to establish her club. Along the way, she will rely on three resourceful women: Lígia, her childhood friend; Adélia, a black carioca (born in Rio de Janeiro) worker, with sheer determination and unshakeable strength, and Thereza, a modern and independent writer.

An original series produced by Beto Gauss and Francesco Civita’s Prodigo Films for Netflix, Coisa Mais Linda will feature seven episodes in its first season.

Created by Heather Roth and Giuliano Cedroni, written by Patricia Corso, Leo Moreira, and Luna Grimberg under the overall direction of Caito Ortiz, the series will be directed by Ortiz, Hugo Prata and Julia Rezende. Other cast members include Pathy Dejesus (Adélia), Fernanda Vasconcellos (Lígia) and Mel Lisboa (Thereza). Principal photography commenced this week in Brazil.

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