CJ E&M claims format infringement by China’s iQiyi

During a panel event at the MIPTV television conference and market in Cannes, Korea’s CJ E&M claimed that it had proof of copyright infringement of its talent show Produce 101 by China’s iQiyi.

Using analysis, administered by the format recognition and protection association (FRAPA), CJ E&M says that Idol Producer by iQiyi has reached the “highest copy score ever” when compared to Producer 101.

The analysis concluded that the Chinese show scored 88% on FRAPA’s scale of infringement when compared with the Korean show.

CJ E&M’s Jin Woo Hwang, head of formats and development, also backed the claim by showing video footage of the titles side-by-side, which FRAPA has concluded have “striking similarities”.

FRAPA co-chairman Jan Salling (pictured) said: “For me as a 30-year formats veteran, this is almost physically painful to watch.”

TBI has reached out to iQiyi for comment.

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