In-demand in 2017: Game of Thrones reigns supreme

Game of ThronesHBO’s Game of Thrones (GOT) reigned supreme as the most in-demand show across of 2017, Parrot Analytics data shows.

The stats, which look at expressions of demand for shows across the UK, Germany, France, Italy and the US, reveals that GOT was the most in-demand overall show in all the territories bar the US.

GOT produced near eleven million demand expressions in the UK, 13.7 million in Germany, 12.6 million France and 11.4 million in Italy.

In the US the show came in as a close second to The Walking Dead, which received 53.3 million demand expressions where GOT received near 50 million.

The top spot varied greatly for the top ten digital originals lists, where The Grand Tour came up top in the UK, Star Trek: Discovery in Germany, Orange is the New Black in France, Narcos in Italy and Stranger Things in the US.


Game of ThronesIn the UK, the top ten overalls list shows that GOT and The Walking Dead produced markedly more demand expressions than other shows. TWD came in a close second having achieved 9.9 million demand expressions for the year so far.

The remaining shows all achieved around three million views, with The Big Bang Theory taking the third spot with 3.9 million, Westworld taking fourth with 3.8 million and The Flash taking the fifth with 3.7 million.

The Grand Tour, which takes the top digital originals spot, appears sixth on the list, followed by another popular Netflix original, Stranger Things. They produced 3.6 million and 3.3 million demand expressions, respectively.

Following on the list are Prison Break, Gotham and Pretty Little Liars, which come in eighth, ninth and tenth, respectively.

The Grand Tour led the digitals list, followed by Stranger Things after the show’s second season release in October.

Amazon’s Jeremy Clarkson-led show has topped the European charts repeatedly this year. Data from Parrot initially showed a popular run across the UK and Germany in February and European success mid-year.

Non-Netflix digital originals did well in the UK in general, with Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale coming in fourth, CBS’ Star Trek: Discovery coming in fifth place, and The Man in the High Castle from Amazon coming in eighth.

Netflix shows 13 Reasons Why and Orange is the New Black come in third and sixth. They are joined be repeat series Narcos and House of Cards in ninth and tenth place, and the streamer’s new show Marvel’s Iron Fist coming in seventh.


Pretty-Little-LiarsLike with the UK, Germany’s overall list is topped with GOT and The Walking Dead. However, Germany has more of an affinity for local originals, and the list also features The Voice of Germany and Koln 50667 in eighth and ninth places.

Pretty Little Liars also performed particularly well on the list coming in third and drawing 8.1 million demand expressions.

The show is followed by The Big Bang Theory, which drew 5.9 million demand expressions, Star Trek: Discovery, which drew in five million and Prison Break, which drew in 4.7 million.

Stranger Things and Vikings finish the list, generating 4.6 and 4.5 million demand expressions respectively.

For Germany, Star Trek topped the digitals list, drawing in five million demand expressions. The show is followed by Netflix originals Stranger Things, 13 Reasons Why, Narcos and House of Cards, in that order.

German audiences were also big fans of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life and Black Mirror which came in ninth and tenth place.


Fear the Walking Dead s3b 3The Walking Dead and its follow-up series Fear The Walking Dead performed well in the French overalls list, coming in second and ninth on the list respectively. The shows produced 11.7 million and 3.7 million expressions.

French original Koh-lanta also appeared on the list, coming up tenth with 3.6 million demand expressions generated.

Other shows on the list include Pretty Little Liars which came in third, Vikings, which came in fourth and Grey’s Anatomy, which came in seventh.

The digital originals list sees Orange is the New Black come up top with 5.1 million expressions. OITNB started its fifth season this year.

Stranger Things follows the show in second place with 4.8 million expressions, and it trailed by Narcos, 13 Reasons Why and Black Mirror.

Sense8 makes an appearance in sixth place, despite its cancellation earlier this year.

The list is completed by House of Cards, Star Trek: Discovery and comicbook revamps Marvel’s Iron Fist and Daredevil.


Gomorrah_II_key visualItaly’s lists are by far the most differentiated. While GOT lead the overalls list, it is followed by Italian drama Gomorrah, which gained 7.5 million expressions, Grey’s Anatomy, which gained seven million expressions, and host of Italian originals.

Grande Fratello comes in fifth place, X Factor: Italia in eighth, Le Tre Rose Di Eva in ninth and Il Paradiso Delle Signore in tenth.

The nation’s digital’s list also features shows such as Castlevania and GLOW. It is topped by Narcos, which generated 3.9 million demand expressions. The show generated over a million more expressions than Stranger Things, which came in second.

Black Mirror, OITNB and House of Cards appeared in fourth, fifth and sixth place, respectively.

Sense8 achieved 1.25 million expressions, closely followed by Marvel’s Iron Fist, which achieved 1.23 million.


The Walking Dead, season 8The US bucks the trend in the originals list, topped by The Walking Dead. Adult toon Rick and Morty appears in third, having generated an average 21 million demand expressions.

The Flash and Shameless also made an impression on the North American audience, coming in fourth and tenth place.

Remaining shows are the usual favourites with Prettly Little Liars, The Big Bang Theory, Westworld, Stranger Things and Star Trek: Discovery finishing the list.

Stranger Things topped the digitals list generating 16 million demand expressions. It is followed closely by Star Trek which drew in 15.7 million.

Ozark also made an impression in the states coming in ninth on the digitals list. Other popular shows include 13 Reasons Why, Castlevania and Narcos.

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