Talpa launches global reality experiment

Talpa has launched Lost in Translation at MIPCOM, a new global reality format that brings together participants from various countries that can only speak their own language.

John de Mol1One production will have local adaptations for each participating country. Twelve contestants from various countries will be dropped off at a remote location and must get together to build a boat that can get them off the island for a cash prize.

Talpa producers are branding the format a “social experiment” that aims to bring people across the globe together.

The series was created and produced by John de Mol, the creator of format favourites Big Brother, Deal or No Deal, Fear Factor and more.

De Mol said: “I am thrilled to bring this daring reality format into the world. This show will keep me on the edge of my seat from start to finish, watching eagerly how these twelve people manage to work together despite the extreme communication and cultural barriers and I’ll want to know the outcome.

“The format is structured in a way that you can be certain that things will happen, but still leaves enough scope for surprising and powerful reality moments. I believe it will deliver incredibly exciting and intriguing television.”

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