ITV America & Talpa enter strategic partnership

Jon De MolITV-owned Talpa Media USA has entered into a production partnership with ITV America as part of a strategic change, and named new co-CEOS.

The partnership will see Talpa’s North American shows produced through ITV America’s infrastructure. This will also allow Talpa to “tap into ITV America’s extensive resources”.

UK broadcaster ITV bought Talpa in a multi-million dollar deal in 2015.

The deal was brokered by Talpa global managing director Maarten Meijs and ITV America executive VP of business development and international Ed Simpson.

Additionally, executive producer and creator Stijn Bakkers (The Voice) and executive producer Tim van Rongen (The Voice UK) are boarding Talpa Media USA as co-CEOs.

Based in Los Angeles, Bakkers and van Rongen will focus on the creation and expansion of Talpa Global’s format portfolio in the USA.

Talpa Media’s founder, John de Mol (pictured), said: “I’m extremely excited to partner with ITV America in the USA, which enables us to use their highly proficient infrastructure and resources.

“With Stijn and Tim at the helm of our US operation, we are well positioned to further increase our development and production across broadcast, non-linear, cable and digital platforms – whether it’s long-form, short-form or premium global content that we are known for, like The Voice.”

De Mol is also the creator of NBC’s The Voice, CBS’ Big Brother, MTV’s Fear Factor and Deal Or No Deal.

Earlier this year ITV Studios, ITV’s production and distribution arm that houses Talpa, helped drive revenue growth for ITV to £1.4 billion (US$1.7 billion).

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