Doc series will follow live death row case

20 Years on Death Row 2An upcoming French doc series, 20 Years on Death Row, will follow the ongoing case of a US prisoner awaiting execution in California.

French indie Pernel Media has secured exclusive access in order to document the case of Keith Doolin, a truck driver convicted of murdering two women in 1995.

Doolin has always maintained his innocence and has an appeal going through the Californian legal system. His lawyers claim to have fresh evidence, but face a race against time in the wake of California voters’ decision earlier this month to speed up the death penalty process.

“The case of Keith Doolin is a story like no other, pointing to a major miscarriage of justice where the stakes for him could not be higher,” said Samuel Kissous, president of Pernel Media.

“The new evidence that has come to light could change everything. Keith’s appeal process and detailed investigation of the case will make a gripping documentary series.”

Pernel has secured access to the case via Doolin’s defence attorney Robert R. Bryan, a specialist in human-rights litigation.

The prodco’s other true crime offerings include The Innocence Network for NBCU’s 13eme Rue. All3Media International distributes that show. A broadcaster and distributor have yet to be announced for 20 Years on Death Row.


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