Rights Tracker launching new screenings system

Rights Tracker will launch a new cloud-based screening service for distributors, Assetry Screen, at MIPCOM.

The company has specialised in online rights management systems and is pitching the new service as a tool for distributors who want to have their own branded screenings services, offering a greater degree of control and feedback than the likes of Vimeo and YouTube.

Ross Bentley“New cloud technology handles the encoding and storage and Assetry Screen is a way for distributors to take control of their websites, rather than using a third party,” Ross Bentley, CEO of Rights Tracker told TBI.

“Branding and control can get lost on sites like YouTube and Vimeo, with this you control and manage your rights and brand.”

The new service offers content companies real-time reports and the ability to create branded channels and playlosts. Clients will be charged a monthly fee dependent upon the volume of content uploaded and the amount of times it is screened.

Assetry ScreenBeta testers of the new system included kids specialist distributor Cake and Edwina Thring’s Wild Thring Media. in both cases Rights Tracker reworked the distributor’s websites to incorporate new video and screenings services.

“We have already found Assetry Screen to be a powerful sales and marketing tool for our business,” said Edward Galton, CCO and managing director of Cake.

“Uploading and managing our content online is now so simple and having real-time, detailed viewing statistics helps us target buyers very effectively.”

The service can stand alone or sit alongside the core Rights Tracker system.

Thring added: “My business seeks co-production finance, sells completed programming and manages talent: the thought of building and budgeting for a website that dealt with all of these elements initially filled me with horror.

“However, with Assetry Screen I quickly got what I needed, at minimum cost, and it’s made sharing content and doing business with broadcasters so much easier and quicker.”