Dance, Dance, Dance dances into Italy


Talpa's Dance, Dance, Dance

Talpa’s Dance, Dance, Dance

Talpa has sold its Dance, Dance, Dance entertainment format into Italy.

Fox will show it locally on its Fox Life channel, with a launch slated for later in the year.

The show is one of Talpa’s key formats and has sold well after the ITV-owned company launched it on RTL4 in the Netherlands.

It is on air on RTL in Germany and has sold to parent company ITV in the UK, with the UK version launching next year. China’s CCTV is also prepping the show.

Featuring dancers and celebrities, the format has contestant re-enact famous dance routines from movies with live performances. The celebrities form a duo with someone they’re close to, offering a reality element during the intense training process.

“With the UK and China soon to join, Dance Dance Dance is making its way to key territories around the globe,” said Maarten Meijs, managing director of Talpa Global.

“The combination of extraordinary dancing and innovative technology truly makes it a unique show that has found a great home at Fox in Italy. With the introduction of a VR feature in the app in the Netherlands, we’re thrilled to enhance the viewers’ experience even more and extending the show’s reach to the younger demo.”

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