In-demand: Belgium (July 10-16, 2016)

TBIv_InDemand_Belgium_siteOrange is the New Black and Game of Thrones are the most in-demand programmes on the digital and overall fronts in Belgium.

Belgium_Top10_Digitalv2Netflix originals dominate our digital chart in Belgium, with only Amazon Prime Video’s The Man in the High Castle stopping a clean sweep of the top ten.

OITNB is by far the most demanded show, taking almost four times the number of any other digital show. Marco Polo in second place has just 277,306 demand expressions compared with the table-topper’s 822,498.

Marco Polo’s appearance at number two is surprising in comparison with its performance in other European territories, as is comedy Fuller House coming in at three. House of Cards, which usually outranks them, trails in fourth.

Marvel Universe pairing Daredevil and Jessica Jones take spots five and six, which tallies with various other mid-table results they’ve achieved to date. Bloodline, meanwhile, makes its first appearance since Poland’s May 29-June 4 chart. This perhaps reflects Netflix recommissioning the dark family drama for a third season last week.

Narcos, so often the leading digital series in our charts, this time places only eighth. This despite the bizarre story that emerged last week in which Roberto Escobar, the brother of Pablo Escobar, demanded a share of the profits and editorial control over the series.

Belgium_Top10_OverallThe Wachowskis’ sci-fi drama Sense8 has been a consistent performer at the lower end of the digital charts, and this week places at ninth with 98,166 demand expressions. The Man in the High Castle is in tenth with 65,376.

On the overall front, there’s no stopping Game of Thrones, whose engaged fanbase continue to push the drama way beyond anything else. The 2,129,569 demand expressions is more than 775,000 demands ahead of the second-placed Pretty Little Liars.

With a teaser trailer for the much anticipated Walking Dead season seven debuting at Comic Con this Friday, it’ll be interesting to see if things change in our next chart.

Pretty Little Liars, while well behind GOT, is almost 500,000 ahead of third-placed Teen Wolf, which is making its third – and best – appearance in our charts.

Its position in the top three means top digital original OITNB is pushed into fourth place, almost 50,000 demand expressions back. Trailing in fifth is The Walking Dead, which doesn’t return to TV screens until October.

American Horror Story, meanwhile, is sixth, with ABC spy drama Quantico next and History’s Vikings in seventh.

The Blacklist and Grey’s Anatomy round out an entirely American-produced top ten.

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