RTL sees Benefits in Endemol Shine format

Formats-logo-460_2Germany’s RTL has become the first network to order a local version of Endemol Shine Group’s social experiment format The Big Benefits Handout.

Endemol Shine Germany will produce the German series, which is based the British series for Channel 5 that Endemol Shine-owned Dragonfly created.

The series will see hard-up families given €25,000 (US$29,000) in return for agreeing to give up their reliance on benefits, and aims to see if this changes longer-term plans over work or housing.

The format caused controversy in the UK when it aired earlier this year, and was one of a number of British formats that have investigated poverty, supposed benefits culture and the wider societal effects of the welfare state.

The Big Benefits Handout is a truly innovative format which gives families the opportunity to get out of the tough regime of the welfare system,” said Endemol Shine Creative Network CEO Lisa Perrin. “This deal is a great example of how Endemol Shine Group collaborates and a format can be quickly adapted for any territory, within months of it first launching.”

Endemol Shine Germany has created local version of Endemol Shine formats such as Celebrity Big Brother and The Games.

There was no detail of a Big Benefits Handout launch date in Germany.

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