DRG binds with Screen Glue in first-look deal

Formats-logo-460_2Jasper JamesBritain-based distributor DRG has scored first-look rights to shows from UK-based producer Screen Glue, TBI has learned.

DRG will become the sole distributor of all Screen Glue shows going forwards, will help fund development, and will invest in original unscripted content and new formats.

Former Wide-Eyed Entertainment and Impossible Pictures exec Jasper James created Screen Glue as a programme producer and app creator in 2013, and counts CGI-laden films such as March of the Dinosaurs on its slate.

Last year, the firm scored a separate development agreement with ZDF Enterprises for science series Size Matters.

James said Screen Glue focused on idea of “scale – big international science and history projects, ambitious drama docs and entertaining programming with global reach”.

“DRG has the skills and expertise to help further magnify what we do and we are excited to be discussing our first projects with the team,” he added. “Screen Glue may not be a super indie but with our vision, creativity and understanding of how to make compelling content for a number of platforms, we can certainly act like one.”

DRG, which is part of the for-sale Nice Entertainment Group, has first-look deals in place with the likes of Outline Productions, What Larks, Three River Fiction, Hillbilly Films & Television, Runaway Fridge Productions and NRK in Norway.

The firm lost rights to shows from UK broadcaster Channel 5 in March, when C5 parent Viacom International Media Network took them in-house, and the Screen Glue deal will help replenish its catalogue.

“We are happy to have award-winning content creators like Jasper and his team working with us,” said DRG’s VP, factual acquisitions, Katy Cundall. “With his experience of combining GCI with conventional filming and the plaudits he’s received, we are really looking forward to developing our first projects and taking them out to the market.”

Former Eyeworks International Distribution exec Cundall joined DRG last year, as TBI revealed at the time.

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