TERN commissions UHD shows for new net

Television Entertainment Reality Network has announced a raft of programme commissions to populate the launch of its UHD TV channel at the forthcoming MIPCOM TV market on October 5.

TERN has commissioned Strix to produce Spartan X, a UHD reality show featuring twelve contestants who live and compete like Spartans enduring physical and mental challenges that will air from next January.

Strix will also produce Dracula, a UHD game format where four contestants must solve riddles and clues to escape from Dracula’s castle. Dracula will air from February.

TERN has commissioned KIEM to deliver 7Days, a travel show that pits two contestants against one another in two different countries with seven sports challenge in seven days, to be aired on the UHD channel in May 2016.

Zodiak Media will produce On the Run, a show where a celebrity contestant must survive and traverse a South American country unseen while chased by two experienced hunters and local inhabitants, due to air in April.

Netherlands-based TERN’s UHD channel is set to go live and will also be available in an HD version.

“At TERN, our vision is to push boundaries in order to truly engage with global audiences, and we believe that creating one-of-a-kind programme formats using the latest UHD technologies makes our vision a reality,” said Mariam Zamaray, CEO of TERN.

We are pleased to be collaborating with some of the world’s industry-leading production houses that share our passion and vision, and are excited to jointly showcase the unique UHD factual entertainment programmes at MIPCOM.”

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