MTV expands Shore line with Euro/Lat Am series

Jersey-Shore-Pool_1MTV International is creating a European-Latin American version of its Shore reality franchise.

Ibiza Shore represents the first coproduction between MTV Latin America and MTV South Europe. Italian-Spanish producer Magnolia TV is lead prodco.

The show will include characters from Spain’s Gandia Shore and Mexico’s Acapulco Shore, new plus new arrivals from Italy and Brazil.

Gandia and Acapulco followed on from Poland’s Warsaw Shore and the UK’s Geordie Shore, which itself followed the original Jersey Shore from the US (pictured).

Production on Ibiza Shore is set to begin in August on the Mediterranean party island.

The format takes young party people and gives them a home to live in for a period of time, while filming their exploits in and around the habitat. It has been credited with being a leading example of the scripted reality genre, which also includes shows such as The Only Way is Essex.

“We are very excited to announce that we are taking the Shores franchise to the next level,” said Laura Abril, VP of youth and music brands, VIMN South Europe, Middle East and Africa. “Ibiza is one of the most amazing, iconic summer destinations in the world and we’re thrilled that we can have our cast enjoy the island.”

“Everyone knows Ibiza is one of the party capitals of the world, so we can’t wait to see what happens with this unique mix of characters, personalities and cultures,” added Tiago Worcman, senior VP, music brands, VIMN Americas.

The original Jersey Shore was a huge hit for Viacom-owned MTV in the US and went on to sell around the world and spawn various remakes and spin-offs.

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