Zag’s Miraculous toon travels the world

MiraculousFrench producer Zag has shopped its upcoming animated series MiraculousTales of Ladybug & Cat Noir to a raft of international broadcasters.

Disney EMEA, TF1 in France, ABC in Australia and EBS in Korea will all transmit the 3D CGI show, which follows on from the original LadyBug series.

The show follows a pair of Parisian high school students who use magical powers to transform into superheroes Ladybug and Cat Noir.

Bandai is on board as global master toy partner. “We have a long-term brand franchise vision with Miraculous and we know the marketplace is ready for a modern-take on a relatable super hero girl with a fresh spirited story, relevant girl themes and gorgeous animation styling,” said Zag’s president of global consumer products Andre Lake Mayer.

The show is a copro between Zag, Method Animation, Disney Channel EMEA, Toei Animation, SamG Animation, SK Broadband, PGS Entertainment and AB International Distribution.

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