Tellem takes seat at Interlude

Nancy Tellem newFormer Xbox Entertainment Studios president Nancy Tellem has resurfaced as executive chairman of LA-based media tech company Interlude.

The former CBS Entertainment chief left Xbox last year after the decision to axe its original programming division as part of wide-spread cuts at the game console manufacturer’s parent, software giant Microsoft.

At five-year-old Interlude, which creates immersive and interactive online video, Tellem will also be chief media officer, working alongside co-founder and CEO Yoni Bloch, president Jim Spare and Interlude Music boss Brian Harris Frank.

“I believe Interlude is at the leading edge of entertainment; their videos have been watched, shared, re-watched and awarded, proving just how much viewers want to participate,” she said. “Their creative talent and mastery of interactive technology is a game changer and I look forward to extending Interlude’s reach to the entertainment industry by bringing film and television creators on board.”

Tellem was president of CBS Entertainment and CBS Studios, helming shows such as Survivor and CSI, before joining Microsoft to oversee its push into original television content, a move derailed by last year’s cuts.

Interlude’s Bloch said Interlude was “very fortunate to have someone of her stature to guide our company’s growth”.

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