Endemol Shine UK creative chief exits

Long-serving creative David Flynn is leaving Endemol Shine UK.

Having joined Endemol as an intern in 1999, Flynn rose through the ranks and created formats such as The Million Pound Drop, which is now one of the world’s biggest revenue-spinning shows.

He will leave in the summer, with his departure following Endemol’s merger with Shine Group and Core Media.

Endemol Shine UK announced it’s creative team earlier this year, with Richard Johnson installed as CEO and Lucas Church named chairman.

There was no news on his next step beside a press released quit stating he “hugely excited” by his future plans.

“In my time at Endemol, I’ve seen the company transform into one of the largest independent producers in the UK and I’m proud to have been part of that journey. It’s been a fantastically creative and supportive environment where I’ve been able to take big risks and make television that’s travelled the world.” said Flynn.

“Overseeing creativity for the UK group allowed me to work with outstanding production companies across so many genres and comprising some of the UK’s best creatives and producers. So, whilst I’m hugely excited about my next step, my decision to leave was a difficult one and I’ll miss the whole team.”

Endemol Shine president Tim Hincks said: “David has those qualities that absolutely define the creative people here.

“He combines brilliantly innovative thinking with a risk taking spirit and a keen instinct for what makes a hit. We owe him huge thanks for all he’s done during his time here and, as a colleague and friend, I wish him every success in his next adventure.”


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