Ukraine’s Digital Screens relaunches OTT

Ukrainian media company Digital Screens, part of Media Group Ukraine, has re-launched its OLL.TV video streaming service.

The digital TV service has over 140 local and international channels and access to a video-on-demand catalogue. Its parent, MGU, is of one of the country’s main terrestrial channels.

OLL.TV launched as a subscription video-on-demand service offering online movies and TV shows in 2012. The new version of the service is being distributed via IPTV streaming boxes for playback on TVs.

Content includes 12 HD channels and a VoD catalogue with over 10,000 movie titles, according to Digital Screens. Other features include automatic recording of TV shows from the past three to seven days, depending on subscription package and pause live TV for up to 10 minutes.

The service provide three options – a starter package for UAH39 (US$2.49), an Optimal pack for UAH79 and a premium option for UAH159.

Digital Screens has configured the service to provide a new-look interface optimised for older CRT TVs as well as flat screens.

The service is being offered over a number of distributors’ networks as part of their overall packages, including Urktelecom, Vega, Airbites, Uniocom, Telegroup-Ukraine, Ukrainian Telesystems, Optinet, Pretcher, Karo,, Tisa and Incomplast Service.

The company said the service would be available direct to smart TVs as well as via mobile platforms by the end of this year.

“We have created an ‘all-in-one’ entertainment product combining everything people used to watch on TV, in cinemas and on the Internet. The latest digital television technologies gave users the ability for easier content management. On top of that, our service is available for quite a modest price and it supports any TV-set there is,” said Alexey Kurakin, business development manager of Media group Ukraine.

“We created a flexible platform that’s easy to modify and adapt to ever-changing customer demands. It stands out from other platforms that are distributed as ready-made solutions meaning them being more expensive and less flexible when it comes to maintenance and modifications. Moreover, the quality of OLL.TV is guaranteed by our own content delivery network – the most powerful one in Ukraine.”

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