Syfy preps Space Odyssey sequel mini

US cable net Syfy is working on a miniseries, 3001: The Final Odyssey, which is based on the sequel novel to Arthur C. Clarke’s 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Syfy, Scott Free Productions and Warner Horizon Television are adapting the novel, with Stuart Beattie (Pirates of the Caribbean) writing the scripts and executive producing.

Ridley Scott and David W. Zucker from Scott Free also executive produce, with Clayton Krueger co-executive producing.

The novel of 3001 picks up where the popular 2001, which was adapted into an Academy Award-winning Stanley Kubrick movie, left off and is part of Clarke’s Odyssey novel series. It begins with the discovery of the floating body of astronaut Frank Poole, who is a protagonist in 2001.

“I have always been a fan of Clarke’s extraordinary Odyssey series, and certainly Kubrick’s adaptation of 2001,” said EP Scott. “I am thrilled to be part of bringing that legacy to audiences and continuing the great cinematic tradition that this story and its creators deserve.”

Syfy is already adapting another Clarke novel, Childhood’s End, with production beginning later this year.

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