BBC Worldwide sells drama into Asia

The-MusketeersBBC Worldwide has inked deals with a raft of broadcasters in southeast Asia with several of its key drama series finding new homes in the region.

Sinbad has been shopped to Malayisa’s ntv7, which also acquired The Musketeers (pictured) from Worldwide, the commercial arm of the UK public broadcaster.

In Singapore, MediaCorp has bought Orphan Black and Fleming – The Man Who Would Be Bond for its English-language services Channel 5 and the a-ok strand on Okto.

“Historically, our partners in the region are primarily interested in our natural history programmes from BBC’s acclaimed Natural History Unit (NHU),” said Monty Ghai, senior VP and general manager, southeast Asia. “In the past year, we’ve seen an increasing demand for BBC dramas.”

He added: “The success of British dramas like Sherlock in the region has brought the spotlight to BBC’s drama slate as viewers now recognise the quality and originality of British drama.”

Kompas TV in Indonesia and Mono29 and content aggregator, STG Mediaplex, in Thailand, all also acquired packages of programming. Sherlock was one of the titles heading to Thailand.

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