Comcast, Charter reveal spin-off cable co’s name

Comcast Communications has unveiled the name of the spin-off cable company it is creating in order to soothe regulatory concerns over its deal to buy Time Warner Cable.

Seeking regulatory approval, Comcast agreed to make concessions before it bought TWC. The cable firm subsequently announced it would launch a joint venture with Charter Communications, which would ensure it owned less than 30% of the market, it said in April.

The company will be called GreatLand Connections, it has been announced. It will provide cable services to around 2.5 million customers, and will serve 11 states across the American Midwest and south-east, making it the fifth largest cable operator in the US.

The firm was formerly known as SpinCo. Its president CEO is Michael Willner, who was previously CEO of Insight Communications, which TWC acquired in 2012. It will officially launch if the Comcast-TWC deal is greenlit.

“We are pleased to publicly announce the name of this exciting new company we are building,” said Willner. “The name GreatLand Connections pays homage to the rich history and striking geographies of the diverse communities in which the company will operate.”

Charter is also acquiring 1.4 million TWC customers as part of the deal.

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