Ex-NATPE boss heads new nonfiction trade association

Former NATPE president Rick Feldman is to head up a new reality TV producers’ trade association.

Feldman will be executive director of the Nonfiction Producers Association, which will represent the interests of documentary and reality TV producers and aim to promote “best practices”.

Leftfield Pictures, Original Media, Magilla Entertainment, Atlas Media Corp, Big Fish Entertainment and Loud TV are among those companies that have signed up.

Feldman will be chief spokesman for the group. He is best known for his nine-year stint as NATPE president, which ended in 2012. Rod Perth replaced him at NATPE.

The body was been in the works for “many months” and was “created as a professional body that can provide industry information, training and assistance to production companies, their staffs and production employees”.

The reality TV business has been blighted by a series of accidents since becoming a popular TV genre in the early 2000s.

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