Cartoon Network doubles Gumball order

Gumball_5The continuing ratings success of animated kids series The Amazing World of Gumball has prompted Cartoon Network to order to a further two seasons of the show.

This brings the total number of seasons to five, and represents the first time Cartoon Network has made a double order of the series.

Gumball was an instant ratings hit upon launch in 2011 and has kept its momentum in following seasons.

In the US, the show is currently the number one series for kids aged 6-11, according to Nielsen Media Research, while in EMEA it reached a total of 36.5 million primetime viewers between January and March this year, according to Turner broadcasting-owned Cartoon Network.

The show, from Ben Bocquelet and director Mic Graves, was the first to come out of Cartoon Network Studio Europe. It follows a blue cat and his best friend, a goldfish, who live in a part-animated/part-live action world.

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