Ukraine’s 1+1 clamping down on Russian series

логоUkrainian free-to-air broadcast group 1+1 Media has issued new guidelines on Russian-originated programming as the tensions and crisis between the two states continue.

A 1+1 Media spokesman confirmed to TBI that changes were being made regarding Russian programming and noted that they will cover all of the channels the group operates. It runs seven channels in all, the flagship 1+1 as well as the 2+2, Tet, PlusPlus, 1+1 International, Unian TV and Bigudi services.

1+1 has sent the guidelines to the national Ukrainian Committee on Freedom of Speech and Information, the National Council on Radio and Television and the General Prosecutor for approval.

The broadcaster said the guidelines outline the criteria for the airing of Russian programming and further list the factors that could be used to justify taking a show off air. It said that they are designed to “curb the spread of Russian propaganda”.

Specifically, 1+1 said shows depicting both historical and present-day events would be affected.

Russian-originated TV content that presents an idealised view of the activities of the Russian military and special forces should be pulled as should series presenting what is considered a skewed analysis of other historical events, including those relating to World War II.

In terms of programming addressing present-day issues, 1+1 said that it would not air Russian-originated content that portrays the Russian military and security services in an heroic light, or leads to the conclusion that the use of force is justified.

The guidelines also cover content deemed to show Russia as morally superior or which is considered to promote militarism, xenophobia or intolerance.

Earlier this month, 1+1 asked the Committee on Freedom of Speech and Information, the National Council on Radio and Television and the General Prosecutor of Ukraine to jointly assess content that could be seen to praise the Russian armed forces.

1+1 added that Russian series including melodramas, detective shows and comedy series will remain on air.

Separately, 1+1 has agreed a deal with the BBC and the UK pubcaster’s coverage of the current crisis in Ukraine will now be carried on the 1+1 channel. The BBC reporting will be carried live on 1+1’s daily Newsletter TSN show at 7.30pm on Mondays and Wednesdays. The Ukrainian broadcaster said it will offer an independent and international take on current events in Ukraine as well as UK and world news.

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