China takes US series off streaming sites

thegoodwifeChinese authorities have ordered The Big Bang Theory, The Good Wife (pictured), NCIS and The Practice be removed from the country’s streaming services despite these platforms having legitimately licensed them, according to state newspaper Beijing Daily.

Chinese regulators have had the series removed as part of an effort to have greater control of the online video sector as it continues to put together official rules governing what can and cannot be shown online.

Regulators have said the crackdown was “an effort to prevent vulgar content, base art form, violence and sexual content in online videos having a negative impact on society.”

Sohu has licensed The Big Bang Theory. Youku Tudou, Tencent and Sohu share The Good Wife rights.

Sohu has licensed a raft of international programming in recent months and struck deals with distributors including BBC Worldwide and ITV Studios while Youku has bought programming from FremantleMedia and others.

Ten Cent, meanwhile, has licensed international titles from Disney and BBC Worldwide.


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