CBeebies original production quota cut by 10%


Tree Fu Tom

UK communications regulator Ofcom has agreed to a reduction in the original programming requirements at kids channel CBeebies.

Under the new rules the preschool channel will be required to ensure that 70% of its output is original programming. The previous level was 80%.

BBC management proposed the change and it was backed by the BBC Trust, which governs the pubcaster’s activities. Ofcom has now rubber-stamped the changes.

It said it was satisfied the change would improve CBeebies “by enabling the channel to reduce its reliance on older programmes and increase the availability of some of its most popular UK-produced shows.”

The regulator’s Content Board also welcomed a move to ensure that a majority of acquired programmes were UK-originated. However, it has asked for greater clarification on what counts as a UK production in this respect and has asked the Trust to update it in that respect.

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