Paranomal series to debut on upcoming Syfy Oz

New paranormal series Haunting: Australia will be among the programmes broadcasting on the soon-to-launch Australian feed of NBCUniversal International’s Syfy channel.

The show will make its debut on the net in February, a month after Syfy launches on January 1 on pay TV platform Foxtel. Haunting will follow paranormal investigator Robb Demarest (Ghost Hunters International) as he leads a team looking for signs of supernatural activity.

Other shows launching on the channel include Haven season four, Misfits season five, Warehouse 13 season five and Defiance season two. Stargate SG-1, Torchwood, Primeval, classic Doctor Who, Sanctuary, Ghost Hunters International, Orphan Black and Eureka will also run on the channel.

Syfy is launching to replace the SF (Sci Fi) Channel, which NBCUI operated alongside CBS Studios International and Sony Pictures Television through their TV1 joint venture. SF was discontinued in August and goes off air on December 31.