Beyond cooks up Weird Restaurants deal

Worlds_Wierdest_ReatuarantsBeyond Distribution has racked up a raft of sales of fact-ent series World’s Weirdest Restaurants.

In the 28x30mins series host Bob Blumer travels to the world’s strangest eateries including a restaurant where chicken is catapulted through the air and another where the food is served in a toilet bowl.

It is produced by Paperny Entertainment and originally went out on Canadian specialty channel Food Network.

TVB in Hong Kong, Discovery Asia-Pacific, UKTV, TLC in Latin America, Discovery in Italy, TVN in Poland, Tokyovision in Japan and Mediacorp in Singapore have all picked up the series.

Munia Kanna-Konsek, head of sales for Beyond Distribution, said: “Each episode has captured the imagination and lightheartedness of people that dare to try something different. The positive response from audiences has resulted in more episodes and our recently released second series. Combining food, adventure, travel and a devil-may-care attitude.”


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