Korea, China spins web around Off The Fence content

Spiderman-TechKorean broadcasters have acquired a total of 85 hours of programming from Anglo-Dutch distributor Off The Fence, while China’s CCTV has acquired shows such as science doc Spiderman Tech.

KBS has bought the 6x60mins Life Stories, 4x60mins Wildest Arctic and 3x60mins End of Big Cats and 1x60mins docs Plastic: The Real Sea Monster and In My Lifetime: The Nuclear Project.

KBS compatriot and local channel distributor Nine Planners has bought a 70-hour package, while China’s CCTV has bought a 27-hour package of wildlife, science and lifestyle programming, including the 1x60mins Spiderman Tech (pictured).

DCI India and NDTV in India also bought programming.

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