Base79 trebles online video views

Base79, the UK-based network for video creators, content owners and brands, reached 92 million unique viewers globally in September – triple the number of views from the same time last year.

The figure, taken from Comscore’s Worldwide YouTube partner report, puts Base79 ahead of other multichannel networks such as Machinima and Rightster, Base79 claims.

The firm, which has previously received investment from the Chernin Group and Evolution Media Capital, now represents more than 1,500 channels and 800 premium content partners on YouTube.

“We have worked hard to add a distinctive edge to our network, opening offices in Spain, France, Germany and the USA during 2013 where maintaining a physical presence in key territories is part of our philosophy. Overtaking a major US competitor [Machinima] is an important milestone in our growth, and reinforces our global credentials,” said Base79 founder and CEO Ashley MacKenzie.

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