Broadband TV users ‘more likely to cut the cord’

Adult broadband users with a smart TV are twice as likely as those with non-connected TVs to cancel their current pay-TV service, according to a new report from The Diffusion Group.

The US study said that 8.8% of connected-TV users, versus just 3.5% of non-smart TV owners, said they were “highly inclined” to cancel their traditional pay TV service.

Some 54.8% of smart-TV users were “highly uninclined” to cancel, while fewer than the 65% of non-smart-TV users that said the same.

“While it is undeniable that the majority of adult broadband users that currently subscribe to a traditional pay-TV service have little or no interest in cancelling their traditional TV service, the fact that on average 7% of this segment are would-be ‘cord cutters’ (highly likely to cancel in the next six months, answering 6 or greater on a 7-point scale) should be of concern to operators,” said the study.

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