eOne makes deal with The Cartel

Transatlantic indie studio Entertainment One has inked a first look deal with Hollywood production and talent management firm The Cartel.

rosenberg_michael_400This will give eOne production and worldwide distribution rights to all television projects coming out of The Cartel, which represents writers, directors, producers and prodcos.

The Cartel’s productions include TV movies Out of Reach, A Love Like Ours and The Town that Came A’Courtin and independent features such as The Wedding Pact, The Terror Experiment and Defending Santa – some via its subsidiaries Cartel Pictures, Remember Dreaming Productions and Pulser Productions.

On the management side it reps a number of US showrunners, series creators and up-and-coming talents.

eOne and The Cartel have already put a development slate in place, including Company Men, from Alphas creator Michael Karnow; Becoming Sherlock, from writer Cassandra Clare (The Mortal Instruments); Facing Demons, from Flash Gordon showrunner Peter Hume; Blended from showrunner team Efrem Seeger and Lara Embry; and horror anthology Terror Inc., from Dan Angel, Eric Patterson and Jessica Scott.

“We’re thrilled to be in business with The Cartel. I’ve always wanted to say that,” said Michael Rosenberg, eOne’s executive VP, US scripted television (pictured above). “The Cartel brings a network of outstanding creative talent to eOne and opens the door to multi-platform partnerships and coproduction opportunities for both US and international audiences.”

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