Celebrity and charity mix for ITV series

UK broadcaster ITV has commissioned one of its own prodcos to create a new light entertainment series in which celebrities and their children win cash for charity.

ITV Studios-owned 12 Yard Productions will produce Big Star’s Little Star for the broadcaster’s flagship terrestrial channel.

The family friendly show will see surprising and embarrassing details about celebrities’ lives revealed by their children in order to win cash prizes for charities.

ITV’s entertainment commissioner Kate Maddigan and director of comedy and entertainment Elaine Bedell co-commissioned the series, which Liz Gaskell and Stefan Iriarte developed. Paul McGettigan, Michael Mannes and Matt Walton are executive producers.

Big Star’s Little Star is a really lovely new show where kids talk about their famous mums and dads. Everyone’s a winner and even the viewers can play along. I can’t wait to hear the funny stories and anecdotes about some of our best loved stars from the people who know them best…their kids!,” said host Stephen Mulhern.

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