Nelvana preps new Beyblade

BeybladeCanada’s Nelvana Enterprises and Japan’s d-rights are working on three new series set in the Beyblade universe.

This fall, the pair will launch the 26x30mins Beyblade: Shogun Steel, which will be set seven years after the previous incarnation, Metal Saga. 13x30mins BeyRaiderz Shogun (working title) will follow in spring 2014, and later that year BeyWarriors Cyborg (WT) will launch as a 26x30mins series, plus two hour-long specials.

Shogun Steel begins the most unique and fantastical vision of the Beyblade universe we have seen yet and continues to offer an exciting world of interaction between the TV series, toys and games,” said Colin Bohm, managing director, Nelvana.

Beyblade has run on channels such as YTV in Canada, Cartoon Network in the US and NickToons in the UK.

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