Banijay’s Opposite Worlds travels the globe

Opposite-WorldsBanijay has sold its reality format Opposite Worlds into Turkey, Croatia and the Middle East and is setting up a production hub for further new versions of the show.

The series has twenty contestants taking part in an elimination competition whereby they live in one of two worlds: the past, in which there is a constant struggle for survival, and the future, a utopia where wishes are granted at the touch of a button.

The series started out in Chile and Banijay has shopped it to ATV in Turkey. The set for the 14-week Turkish series, which will be stripped through the week, is under construction and Banijay said it will be re-used for subsequent international versions.

In Croatia, CME-owned Nova has licensed the format. Middle Eastern producer Imagic has also taken regional rights to the show.

In the US a version will go out on cable channel Syfy early next year and Banijay is selling the finished version.

Karoline Spodsberg, managing director, Banijay International, said: “The strength of the show – total engagement by audiences both on and off the screen – means that it delivers the type of attention and ratings that are invaluable to broadcasters. By setting up a state of the art filming hub within Turkey we expect to gain further interest in this dynamic series from clients all over the world.”

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