New Astro-backed Asian media firm preps English-language shows

Malaysian pay TV and media company Astro is backing Ideate Media a new Kuala Lumpur-based media company that will make English-language TV and film.

iDEATE-logoIt will be run by Astro veteran Zainir Aminullah and develop and fund live-action and animated TV series and films.

The company said its initial slate will be built around mid-budget TV and movie projects with international appeal. They will be English-language, but with Asian themes or an Asian backdrop.

Ideate said it will be involved in up to twelve projects over the next three years.

Zainir Aminullah, CEO, Ideate Media said: “Through strategic partnerships with established production houses and distributors, we will connect the development and commercial processes and help transform creative visions into international successes.”

As well as Astro, the Malaysian government’s investment arm, Khazanah Nasional Berhad, is also investing in the new company as the authorities try to position Malaysia as an international media hub that can rival Singapore and Hong Kong.

Astro runs Malaysia’s largest pay TV platform and also owns Celestial Pictures, which has the largest library of Chinese movies in the world.


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