French supermarket Leclerc launches pay TV service

French hypermarket chain Leclerc has teamed up with TF1 Distribution to launch Réglo TV, a new pay TV offering on the country’s digital-terrestrial platform.

The service will make two prepaid offerings available to French subscribers. The first, will deliver two channels – Eurosport and news channel LCI – for €3.95 a month, while the second will provide four channels – Eurosport, LCI, Paris Première and TF6 – for €7.95.

The service will be delivered via a CI Plus CAM, a pre-paid card that slots directly into the television. Leclerc will provide a complete starter kit, including the CAM and twomonths’ access to the four-channel package for €29.90.

Réglo TV will launch on February 6. Réglo is currently the brand used for Leclerc’s low-cost mobile telephony offering.

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