Former Nat Geo exec Michelle Waldron launches new firm

Former Nat Geo exec Michelle Waldron has resurfaced with a new consultancy focusing on content.

Waldron, who was senior vice president, marketing and operations at National Geographic Television International, has launched Beyond The Box. The company will offer a range of strategic marketing services for companies that create and distribute content.

“From talking to contacts in the industry it became apparent that so many companies put most of their energies and resources into creating and selling content and that as a result, their own corporate brand often got ignored – basically being relegated to a visual ‘stamp’. With content companies in constant competition for ideas, commissions, acquisitions, talent and investment there is an obvious need for stand-out. My aim is to work with brand owners to ensure that their brand has a clear and unique voice, retains traction in the marketplace and has a real, enduring story beyond whatever its latest show, development or deal may be conveying at any one moment in time,” said Waldron.

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